Friday, September 24, 2010


Hey people, Matt Louis here. I get a lot of emails I simply don't have the time to answer intelligently, so lemme just lay the update on you and see if I can address the important stuff.

1. Out of the Gutter 7

Out of the Gutter 7
is in the works, so hang on, everyone. Danny, you bastard, take a break from Pulp Press and send me some stories so I can start formatting the U.K. half of the issue!

U.S.A. writers: edits and updates coming your way ASAP.

Here's a peek at the cover. Not the absolute final version, but pretty close.

2. The FFO

Rey Gonzalez is unable to continue as editor of The Flash Fiction Offensive. The site will resume regular publishing as soon as we figure out who the hell is going to run it. If you're interested in the editing gig, just drop a line through the CONTACT US page with a couple lines explaining why you're the guy or girl to do the job. Familiarity with all things Gutter is a plus.


Dodging Bullets is being printed as I write this. Gutter Books' first original novel, horror author Joe McKinney's lightning-paced tale of a street dealer who takes on the Mexican Mafia, all for the love a rich girl whose father has ripped the Eme off for hundreds of thousands of dollars, is coming your way!

Also, check back here soon for the Joe McKinney interview discussing cops, zombies and lowlifes.

4. On The Make

Close on the heels of Dodging Bullets is On The Make, by the most perspicacious purveyor of pulp from the 1950s and '60s, John D. MacDonald.

This handsome edition gives you the complete reading experience with two scholarly essays discussing John D. MacDonald's life and times and the paperback revolution he helped bring about.

That's all the news for now, kids. Any other questions, comments, gripes, etc., get in touch through the CONTACT US page.