Monday, June 28, 2010

New Covers, Gutter Books News, and Out of the Gutter News

by Matthew Louis

First, covers. We're developing a style that reflects the attitude of the project, and I'm pleased to share the preliminary versions of our first four covers as the books move toward--or in the case of THE BADDEST OF THE BAD, are actually to the point of--publication. You may notice they've changed, to one degree or another, from the initial versions. And in case you get comfortable with this look, they may change again. We're experimenting, looking to give a sense of continuity, and to indicate the modern edge that characterizes Gutter Books.

Regarding the anthology, THE BADDEST OF THE BAD: If you're a preorder customer or a contributor, we're learning a new system and we need to fuck things up a few times before it gets close to right. Now the fucking up phase is ending, and the book is pretty damned close to right. We'll be getting our hands on the first batch any day now, and you'll receive your copy shortly thereafter. Thanks for everyone's patience, support and help as things start coming together.

Regarding Out of the Gutter 7: We're bumping the close of submissions one month. Danny Bowman and I have agreed on this. The second War of Independence now commences August 15. This has to do with several factors that are completely beyond my control. But don't worry, as faithful readers know, Out of the Gutter always arrives, one way or another.

Submissions are being read and sorted steadily. Thanks to those who have submitted and to those who plan to submit. Bear with us, we've still got a lot more accepting to do, and this is definitely gonna be one of our best.


  1. These new covers are sharp looking and I'll have to get a copy of ON THE MAKE. The return of MacDonald is awesome.

  2. Thanks, David. Yep, there's no denying JDM, and we're throwing in a couple of essays to make it a more complete reading experience.

  3. Diggin it. Sharp lookin for sure....

  4. I keep telling my wife that it's ok that I "need to fuck things up a few time", but she don't buy it. Maybe it's cuz I never actually get out of that phase... good looking covers, Matthew.

  5. I need them bad. Please hurry!